Cat litter that can kill. Are you using this litter?

Before you buy your next cat litter please remember this:

Stay away from clumping cat litter made from clay. Why? You should stay
away from this litter because it contains sodium bentonite. Sodium bentonite
 is a sealant.  It is used for sealing ponds, lagoons, sewage, and city landfills,
 and is also an effective way to plug holes.

How this litter reacts: Litter that contains sodium bentonite swells 15-18 times
its size when it gets wet and maintains it's swelling ability throughout its use.
  This kind of litter
 can  not be flushed because it can damage pipes. Now image
 what it could do to your pet.

Cats clean litter off their paws which gets into their system, and can cause
big problems including death.

Some of the symptoms include:

 Inflammatory bowel disease, vomiting, and constipation

What litter should you use?

A safe natural cat litter, like Green Tea Leaves. This is the litter I use, and
I have no problem  with it. You can find a good litter by making sure it
doesn't contain sodium bentonite.

This article is written in hope of saving your pet's life.

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