Do You Know This Neat Trick That Stop Cats And Dogs From
Making A Big Mess On The Floor When They Eat?

You must have the same problem that I have when it comes to our pet's eating habits. They are sloppy eaters!

Since I have several cats and dogs that eat three times a day, I always have a huge mess to clean up.
Food gets everywhere. Food gets stepped on and trying to grab the food with a towel
makes even more of a mess. It's frustrating.

Has this ever happened to you?

I have a Salukis that loves to pick up his dish and splatter food everywhere on the floor.

This is why I tried to figure out an easier way to keep the house clean and I am happy to
share with you my new discovery. I hope this is extremely helpful for you as it was for me.

Before we begin, I noticed cats and dogs have a slightly different approach with the placement of food.

You only need 2 easily obtainable items:

1.) Cookie sheet
2.) Parchment paper

Let's start with the cats

Here is what I did.

First place a cookie sheet tray down and place parchment paper on top.
Then simply take the cookie tray with the parchment paper and the food on top to their dining area.
Clean up is a breeze. When your cats are done eating just pick up the parchment and throw away. No
washing or extra cleaning needed. I love it! You can also just use the cookie sheet to feed them or if
you have only one or two cats you can just use the parchment paper alone.

Now the dogs.
. I tried the same approach with my dogs. I quickly discovered that some of my dogs didn't mind eating off
the tray but the others made more of a mess by pulling the food off the tray. This is what I did that seems
to be working for me for now. I use the same set up for my cats. I take the food over to my dogs.
The only thing that different is I slide the parchment paper off the tray to the floor.

By putting this simple solution into practice you will be able to enjoy your pet far more.
Others in your home as well as visitors will appreciate your new cleaner look. And your
pet will have a better life living in more orderly, less messy conditions. And, of course,
you will experience a lot less frustration.

Now that this problem is solved, how about messy cat litter?
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work? You bet there is. It's an unbelievably simple solution that's begging you to give
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