Things To Stay Away From

Finding the right pet food:

Pet Foods To Stay Away From.

Wet food & Treats to stay away from :

No artificial colors, or preservatives. Always Use Healthy Meat
Always Fresh
No Animal digest
No Meat by-products
No bone meal,
" No digest",
"No meal,
" No Chemical preservatives,
including "BHA", "BHT", "ethoxyquin", and "propyl gallate",
No corn
NO Wheat Gluten! NO Rice Gluten!
NO Chemical Preservatives! No Corn Gluten,
No Low Quality Foods! No By-products or cheap "fillers"
No lecithin ,No wheat and No corn

One last thing if their is no ingredients on the package then that is a clear warning
sign to stay away from it.

Feel free to print it out if you like and best of luck with your pet's health.

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