"Is Their A Science To Finding The Perfect Pet Toy?"

According to Anthroozoology Institute ....

Researchers at the University of Bristol's Veterinary School have
discovered a formula to help you find the perfect toy.

*study published on July 10,2012 in the well-known
animal behavior journal Animal Cognition.

Here's What RESEARCHER SAID you should look for in a toy:

The Co-author Anne Pullen of the University of Bristol
research team explains that the perfect toys should be "soft, easily
manipulable toys that can be chewed easily and/or make a noise."

"Dogs quickly lose interest in toys with hard, unyielding surfaces, and
those that don't make a noise when manipulated," Pullen added.

Dogs can quickly become bored with their toys after a period of time.
It's best to find a toy that you can interact with them to help
spark their interest again.

Their research proves this unusual dynamic toy pass with flying colors?

Do you want to see this unusual toy?

See this interactive dog toy here

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