Solution For Heavy Messes!

Save Time and Money.

Just Swipe, Tie, and Done.
This is the Fastest way to clean the messiest and yuckiest accidents.

Strong enough to scrub with them Plus they transform to it own trash bag Too! -->  

Premium Accident Cleaners™ -A quick and less tedious way to clean.

Stop wasting so much money using paper towels that don't do the job right the first or second time

100% gaurantee or your money back.
(shipping not included) No restocking fees!

Picks up chunky messes better than a thirsty sponge.

Stop dripping trails of yuck on your floor
before you make it to the trash.

No need to carry a trash can around or
bunch of paper towels.

Wide and thick super-absorbent pad
(11" length x 8 1/8" width, 1/8" thick)
Super absorbent - More absorbent than the leading brands of paper towels.

  • Super Fast Solution For Heavy and Yucky Messes

  • Save time and money -Less towel to use

  • Super absorbent-> More absorbent than the leading brands of paper towels

  • Transform to it own trash bag-No more dripping trail of messes to the trash

  • Super easy to use and come with disinfecting wipe cleaners

You'll be surprised how fast and easy these hard working cleaners will be for you, when less than glamorous accidents happen. Guaranteed to work or your money back.

See how it works:

1.) Just open the bag and slide your hand in like you're putting on glove.

2.)Use your second hand to push the center of the pad. Pad should form to your hand.

3.)Swipe up messy spot a couple of times with your hand in the bag, then just pick up and turn bag inside out.(the same way you would pick up dog waste.)Tie and throw away. Yes, it's that simple!

Fast easy and no extra tools to clean. Includes wipes to help quickly sanitize floor.

For your added convenience: After you use a disinfecting wipe on the floor don't forget to put the wipe in the same bag you use to pick up the accident.

Proudly Handmade in the U.S.A.

Pet messes/accidents
Kid messes/accidents

4 premium Accident cleaner plus 20 disinfecting wipes
Only $11.54 shipping $5

100% gaurantee or your money back.(shipping not included)
No restocking fees!

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