"A wonderful reminder of your cat and beautiful
way to show off your love for your cat(in a unique way.)"

A Timeless Collection to be REMEMBERED Forever

Limited Stained glass cat waiting for you at the window.


An unusual piece you won't find anywhere else. Imagine your cat
cozying up near an open window in your home on a picture perfect day
and waiting for you to return home.

It's a cute way to symbolize your love for your cat and keep your cat
near your heart while you are away.,span

Impressive on the eyes

Stunning Stained glass & crystal combine together captures
glamorous reflection of sparkles when seen in the sunlight.

Is This Piece Made in the USA?

Each piece is carefully hand crafted together in Sunny Florida with safe lead-free solder. Each spectacular piece is silver plated and made with zinc alloy (containing no lead) and the rare beauty of jewel-like stained glass.

Collar and the moon are adorably topped off with twinkling Swarovski crystals.

Pendant Measures 1 1/8".Beautiful Sterling Silver bail included-
Pictures coming soon(Limited-receive a FREE
chain when you order today.)


Now, I only made this available for handful of people so if your order is received after our supply is exhausted, it will not be accepted and your money will be returned to you..
Order now so you don 't miss this wonderful opportunity to keep your
cat close to your heart. (Order today, before I run out.)

$29.99+$3 S&H- FREE Chain-while quantities last

Want more than a beautiful pendant?

How about a pendant that can transform into a purse charm, a pet carrier charm, or even a key chain charm. If you like these extra features, please notify me by email.

What colors are available for the Dazzling Cat in the window?
Breath-Taking Deep Blue, Luminescent Light
Blue Glow, and Sky on Fire Sunset-Yellow.
Please view More details below.

This deep blue piece is made with quality transparent baroque
stained glass.

Baroque glass-has to be very carefully hand stirred in a precise way
to get the right pattern.

Did you know Baroque glass is little more difficult to work
because the process to make this glass is by mixing together two or
more glasses that "resist" being mixed together and don't homogenize easily.

Due to the internal stress of Baroque glass, the sheets have slightly more
difficulty with then most stained glass.-Making this collect grueling and striking beautiful jewel of pendant.

Color and design

Gaze at the the luminescent Light blue glow.This gem of a glass is made with waterglass. Waterglass is very transparent and providing an extra splash of sparkles...

What so unique about waterglass?

Waterglass has a unique ripply surface.

You can touch how rare and different this glass piece feels compared to other stained glass. If you turn over this elegant pendant, you can feel with your finger tip the wavy water ripply on this glass. Making this one rare piece.

For wow -factor this come in Sky on fire sunset Yellow. This glass is called Wisspy Yellow. A Glass is composed of about 3/4 cathedral glass color and about 1/4 opaque white glass.
Color and design:

Yes, this glass has to be meticulously hand-ladled into a moving stream of cathedral color. The two glasses are then stirred together, by hand, just before the sheet is formed generating glass with reflection and depth.

This is the same glass made for art work in some windows.
All pieces are immaculate craft by hand for you.

Want something a little fun and different?

Modern Twirl Sitting pretty

Mesmerizing twirl that captures fine quality Grade: AAAA
brilliant CZ. A modern stylish design


Swarovski Sparkled cat

This cute cat is made with Swarvoski crystals and cz dazzling beads.
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$29.99 $3S&H FREE Chain-while supplies last

Dazzling Cat in the Window
Color and design:

90 Days- Money-Back Guarantee

All jewelry come with our famous 3 month 100% money back
no risk guarantee.

If you aren't completely thrilled with the your pendant.....
Simply return it and we will rush you a complete refund
(shipping not included).

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