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I was trying to take pictures, and as you can see below;
I couldn't keep Justin away from this toy.

A burst of fun and a joyous day of play..if you're a cat.

Let me be honest with you, these Toys will only work if your cat loves catnip.

How it works

You just place this toy on the floor and watch your cat fly
around the room.

My cats are in love these toys

You should see how My cats go crazy trying to hunt down these rolling catnip balls
around the room. They roll, tumble and excitingly paw fanatically at these toys.

Then they grab them in their paws and proudly take several dozen delightful licks.
After my cats Vincent and sebastian captured these toys and feel very pleased with
themselves, they finished the day by happily rubbing their face on the catnip ball.

It's pretty gratifying and funny to watch them have fun with these toys.

Why is it frozen?


Not only will you have fun watching your cat at play,
your cat will be thrilled to enjoy a yummy treat to swat around
and chase on the floor.

If you take a close look at the catnip toys on the ground you
will notice there is no huge amount of messy catnip to clean up.
Isn't that wonderful? I think so.

Did you know it made with only top quality catnip?

Yes, it's 100% Edible Catnip ball Toy And Treat!

Don't miss the excitement when your cat does outrageously
and cute things while being entertained with these
fresh catnip balls treats.

3 Month Guarantee

If your cat doesn't enjoy these treats you can return
toys for refund. -Less S&H

Buy 3 today and get extra one for half off.
Retail price $3.24

What we will send you.

You will get 4 brand new catnip balls with this auction.
$11.34 S&H $3

Your always welcome to visit us at:

A&G Associates DBA Sheraton Luxuries
608 Lucerne Ave
Lake Worth, FL 33460

We are located at 608 Lucerne Ave. We're diagonally across
the street from Paradiso Restaurant. Our hours are from
Tuesday through Saturday 11-5 pm our phone 561- 588-0005.

Some of our satisfied pets:

Click here to view a quick clip of our cats
enjoying the Pawbreakers catnip ball.

You need Windows Media 10 to watch the video. Get it free here

Worldwide Shipping

Please call or email for price. phone:561-588-0005 or Email

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