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"A great product! Our cats love them. Thanks."
Customer: s.zeller

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"The nicest pet carrier I've ever owned."-sal

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We Are Determined To Keep Your Pets Happy, Relaxed, And Must Be Well Loved By Pets And People"

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"They Don't call This The Amazing Pet Carrier For Nothing...

No more hassle pet carriers that pets will find very appealing and so will you..A New way to carry your pets with this modern pet carrier"

stylish cat carrier

Your Pets Will Find This New Amazing Pet Carrier To Be Extremely
Irresistible, Safe, And Comfortable Or Your Money Back!

  • No more hassle pet carriers that pets will find very appealing and so will you
  • A 100% Rust-Free Carrier That Actually Tells You When It Securely locked
  • The Only Stylish Pet Carrier That Pets Love -(Carrier Size: 16"L x 11 5/8"W x 10.25"H)
  • Less Stress For Your Pets with Easy Wide Top Door Access
  • Lightweight Carrier, Faster Load Time, and claw proof

US customers:

New! Watch And See What Happens When They Meet This Pet Carrier

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(Please note: ordering by phone is a process charge of 3.5%+ 0.15 because we use Square. Thank you)


Call today and you'll get a FREE super soft cushion pillow with every
pet carrier you order. Only while supplies last. Other colors available:
Cozy Beautiful meadow green, Cozy Warm Sun Sparkling Bright Orange,
Soft Sweet Fresh Lovely Lavender, or Breezy Tranquil Sky Blue

We stand behind our products.
We Guarantee our pet carriers to be safe and effective -
If this pet carrier isn't ever bit fantastic as we say it is,
simply return it to us for full refund.

We are proud of our pet carriers and provide a Full Year Guarantee.
: Please note: Shipping is non-refundable and carrier must not be damage.
Full Year Guarantee for retail customers only

Find Out What Happened When Irma The Cat Who Doesn't Tolerate Pet Carriers
Meets The Amazing Pet Carrier.

I love your carrier. Have a feisty, rescue tuxedo and she HATES any carrier. Getting her thru the door of the traditional carrier is a disaster waiting to happen because I am 75 and those doors are hard for me to manage. So saw your top loader on Amazon and it's perfect. Irma didn't know what hit her......it went so smoothly. Plunked her in and the top came down. Done! In the larger carrier she would sometimes poop/pee. I worried that if she did this in your carrier it would be a problem. She didn't and maybe that is because she is more closely contained. Hope you do well! Thanks, Lucia Scott

Lucia, Thank you for sharing your story!

Designed Different to Keep your Pet Safe

The sturdy handles are attached to the side of the basket and not the heaviest
part of the carrier the top. The travel carriers are made of 100 percent recyclable
plastic and can be Secure to your car seat by buckling the seat belt over the carrier.

Secure Lock..

small Pet carrier,pet products

A Carrier That Actually Tells You When It Securely
by the loud Snapping sound that you can clearly hear.

You don't have to worry anymore about your cat, dog, bird, or small animal
escaping when you are traveling with this super tight secure lock. It's simple
to lock and can only be easily snapped open from the top of the carrier.

"The Only Stylish Pet Carrier That Pets Love And It
Comes With A Free Luxurious Soft Pillow"

More details below.

Keep Your Pets Happy, Healthy, Cool, And Extremely
Comfortable in Hot weather .

Your pet will be extremely comfortable in hot weather with this unique
design because the pet carrier is well ventilated so your pets will alway
stay comfortable and cool. Your Pets will also breath easily with healthy
dose of fresh air that flows thorough out this carrier.

Easy Top Door Access For Your Pets And Less Stress
For Them When They go to The Vet!

When your pet needs to get a shot they can stress less by staying
in the carrier (where they feel more comfortable) to receive their shot.

Lightweight Carrier, Faster Load Time

pet carrier basket,pet carrier affordable basket,discount cat carriers

Get a lightweight easy to handle carrier designed so you don't have to struggle
or wobble out the door with a heavy bulky pet carrier .Now you can get out fast and leave
with out spending the time chasing or fighting to get your pet in the carrier.


" You May Have Seen These Popular Pet Carriers At The Top Pet Shows
in Madison Square Gardens New York And In The South Florida Pet Shows
in Fort Lauderdale."

Some of These carriers were donated to help raise money for pet charities as well. A letter from one a pet charities is below.

We Ship Worldwide! See details below

New!-Please contact us to get best shipping price. Please include your zip code:Click here

US Shipping
Limit of 3 carriers per customer.
(Upon a shipping rate increase the prices listed may be adjusted to reflect the increase.)

Important Note:
Please make sure you want this pet carrier size. Pet carrier size is: 16"L x 11 5/8"W x 10.25"H.
If you are not sure, please find a larger carrier.Thank you.
Single Carrier $35.99 US
Shipping $20
Cozy Color:

Worldwide Shipping:

Limit of 2 orders per customer
Please email us for quote.

Please contact for best price:here

Call Now To Order Your Cute Carrier: 561-588-0005

(Please note: ordering by phone is a process charge of 3.5%+ 0.15 because we use Square.)

Why Your Pet Will Love This Carrier?

Your pet will see it as a safe perfect hideaway carrier to keep them safe.
Your pets can sleep comfortable in and won't stress them out because it
doesn't resemble a regular unkind looking cage carrier. It's super sturdy
and cats can't claw through it like other carriers in the market.

Your Pet Can travel in this high quality cute stylish carrier because:

You no longer need to worry about your carrier being clawed or chewed apart
because it made with fabric or mesh.

If you dislike struggling with zippers and pushing uncomfortable prongs to open
and close a carrier then you will be delighted with this easy snapped open and close
lock that come with this new modern carrier.

Pet carrier are very Easy to clean.

  • You can easily open and get your pet in this stylish carrier without any struggle .
  • When you put your pet in this amazing Carrier you or your pet won't stress out.
  • Your Pet will welcome the carrier and You do not have to worry about any painful
    claw scratches .

You'll Notice the Unique style that pets and people appreciates .

Don't be surprise if People come up to you and notice how well your pet adapts
to this unique carrier. You'll instantly notice how it will be Easy on the hands and
less stressful for You and your pet.

Why This carrier keeps your pet comfortable and calm:

  • Pets love the design and easily adapt to this carrier because it resemble cozy laundry basket.
  • Your Pets will see it as a safe comfortable private hideaway.
  • You have total controlled of your pet in any situation.

  • You'll see how the Carrier conveniently opens from the top for easy access to your pet.
  • When you need a carrier that is super fast and easy to clean so you don't have to wait
    for the carrier to dry.

  • Designed for both of your comforts- Carriers been made so your pet can easily see you
    and you can easily see your pet.

blue, purple,orange, green portable pet carriers

Comes in 4 Fun loving colors.
Breezy Tranquil Sky Blue~ Soft Sweet Fresh Lovely Lavender ~ Beautiful Cozy Meadow Spring Green ~ Warm Sparkling Bright Orange
Vet and Airline Approved!* Carrier recommended for carry on only.

Cushion your pets ride with the best comfort for Free.
Your pets deserve it, don't they?

plush pillow pet carrier mat

Call Now 561-588-0005 Or click buy it now To Order Your Cute Carrier
Order today and we include a Free Soft Plush Pillow(Limited Supply)

The Free Luxurious Soft Pillow made with the finest Minky blue soft fur because your baby
deserves nothing but the best in comfort. (Please let us choose the pillow color. The color
of your pillow may not be the same color in the picture because we have a limited supply.)

110% Satisfaction Guarantee That Your Pets will love this carrier or your money back!

See For Yourself How Easy It Is..
Get this Pet Carrier, your pet, and you're done.

Stop and See for yourself the difference in your pet's attitude with this carrier instantly.
If you are not satisfied with the carrier you can simply return the product for full refund.
We will offer you a Full year Guarantee because we know you love it. Please note shipping
is non-refundable and carrier must not be damage.

View pictures of some pets using the carriers here: pet picture

Blissfully Comfortable Carrier Size of: 16"L x 11 5/8"W x 10.25"H to perfectly fit your pet.

Will my Pet Fit in This Carrier?

cat carrying basket,small soft airline carrier

Yes, we placed all different kinds of cat breeds, even a Yorki, and all different sizes of
cats inside these carriers. (From Maine coons, Persians, Siamese, Mixed breeds, too
many to list but you get the idea) Surprisingly, even are 18 pound cat fits in this

If you are not sure you can always try it out for yourself and if you think it doesn't
work for you then just let us know and we will quickly refund your money for the

Save On Shipping: see below.

Want a Carrier That Doesn't Come in Pieces?

You don't need to waste your time twisting small pieces together or struggling
with a zipper just to assemble a carrier. Just Attach the lid and you're done.

Discover some cats that are having fun enjoying the carrier :

110% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back.

Pet Carrier Ideas
  • Fast And Easy Way To Transport Your Pet When You Are In Hurry

  • Provides Your Pet With More Airflow Then Normal Carriers
  • When You Need To Take Your Pet On Vacation Or Visit Family
  • When You Need A Convenient Way To Take Your Pet To The Vet.
  • When You Need A Carrier Designed To Place your Pet Easily Inside A carrier
  • When You Quickly Need To Take Your Pet With You To Escape A Natural Disaster

  • Excellent for When you need to rescue wildlife, you can also carry small dogs, parrots,
    or small animals in this handy carrier

  • When You Need To Easily Take Your Pet With You that is Simple, Safe, Fast, And
    Without A Struggle

  • 110% Guarantee that your pet will love this carrier or your money back.
    No restocking fees

    Their is absolutely No risk to you. If you are not satisfied with this amazing
    pet carrier simply return the product back for a full product refund.
    (Shipping not included.)
Call Now To Order Your Cute Carrier: 561-588-0005

This carrier is designed to place your pet easily inside the carrier.

See How These Pet Carrier Saved lives!

Tested And Trust By Pet Rescues.

See one of their letters here:

Hi Sharon,
I wanted to let you know that most the 100 cat carriers we purchased
from you are already in use! Being a cat rescue we rely on cat carriers to move
our kitties comfortably and safely on a daily basis whether it be trips to the vet or
to adoption events to find their forever homes.

In disasters, such as Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma, the carriers are
invaluable for transport out of harms way. After Hurricane Katrina many rescue
groups networked and moved cats out of the disaster area to their care.

You can never have enough carriers in these circumstances. We look forward
to ordering more carriers in the future. Cats might be color blind but we
love the colors! Thanks for everything."

Pamela J. Smith
Fairy Tails, Inc.-Cat Rescue
Miami, Florida

Another Happy Customer
October 2013

I LOVE these carriers. I had a cat that was getting acupuncture weekly and the carrier made it so easy to load and unload him. He actually liked getting the treatment while laying in the carrier! I've had the vets ask me where I got the carrier and I gave them the website.-Jane Perrin(Burlington, WISCONSIN)

See what some of our other customer have to say:
Another Happy Customer
November 2013
Fifteen years ago I was shopping at a World Market in Albuquerque, NM.
I found some baskets labeled "City Cycling Basket". I suppose they were
meant to be a picnic basket or something to carry belongings on a bike. What
I realized then is that they would be perfect carriers for my two kitties, Sadie
and LIttle Bits.

I have had those carriers ever since. Every time I'm in the vets office, someone wants
to know where I got the cat carrier. I tell them the story about World Market. I have
also said they were the best carriers ever and wanted to get more. I even joked I should
find a way to produce and market them myself because they are so great and I have never seen
them since I bought the two baskets so long ago.

Just recently a friend adopted two feral kittens I had obtained: Simon and Theodora. And I
sent them home to him in one of my beloved carriers. I didn't have the heart to ask him to
return the basket because I think he thought that came with the kittens he was adopting.

So I got on line and found your business. I am so thrilled to know someone also recognized
what perfect carriers they are. Now when I go to the vets with my current batch of kitties,
I can tell them where to get one.

These are the best cat carriers I have ever found. You make a wonderful product!
Jane Gray

"What a great item, definitely the best carrier out there, very uncagelike."

"Great product and great value too - Even Ms Fatty fits in it - Thank You!!!"-Kona

"Perfect cat carrier! Light weight , perfect size!!" Customer: Misty

"I haven't taken any cat to the vet since getting the carriers, but they
seem to love sleeping and lying in the one I set out! Plus it is really
attractive-looks like an Easter basket, almost! Thanks for a great
quality, carrier ! Thanks again- I will keep your site address and email.
Have a good week!"

See her cats enjoying the
comfortable cat carriers-click here

"Super carrier! Big enough for each of my cats and great for my little critters."
Customer: sugarselections

"A great product! Our cats love them. Thanks."
Customer: s.zeller

"Nice product--handy-cats love it"
Customer: riverscene88

"Finally a carrier that my cats don't try to maul me while putting them in it!"
Customer: Moparaudio

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Call us, order your carrier or anything else, and let us know you are coming.
We will set up any products that you ordered and get them ready for you to pick up at our store.

Sheraton Luxuries Div A&G Associates
608 Lucerne Ave
Lake Worth, FL 33460

Express shipping is available by request. *Please contact your airline regarding carry on dimensions.
Each airline varies so it is important that you check with your airline prior to buying a carrier.

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