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Watch your dog

best dog balls seen in Amazon, facebook, dog channel world magazine and Ebay
enjoy this entertaining toy.

interactive puzzle dog ball are not available in Petsmart, petco, and dr forster and smith.
(15 year old Schnauzer in action)

These fun balls will capture your pet's
attention with
not only the funny sounds that comes out from them, but also with the distinctive lights that make these balls glow.

You will get 3 balls for $23.99
(Colors Vary)

Please note:
When needed, please use a wipe
to clean these balls.

Always supervise your pet when
playing with any toy.

Important note:
Dog toy is for non-
Aggressive chewers

Another Happy Customer from Florida!
October 2013

We got the balls just fine, and Reggie just loves it! He wants to play with it all the time, really, all the time.
We gave him one and are saving the others until the first red one wears out. Here is Reggie with the ball. Thanks again!

Lots of fun!, April 2, 2013

By Linda H
Balls are always a welcome to any dog but this item is exceptional. The 3 balls in the order not only light up
when bounced but they also make noises. This is a definite YES for fun and exercise.

These are the funniest toys I love them oh and so does the dog Buyer: ekjsmiley

This toy my old dog will chase! he is acting like a puppy. GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Buyer: dogmomndaddy

From Puppies to older dogs enjoy these toys.

Some other dog breeds that loves this toy are: retrievers, labradors, maltese, golden retrievers, cocker spaniel, yorkshire terriers, beagles, schnauzerss, pugs, bichon frise, boston terrier, poodles, collies, jack russell terriers, dachshundss, spaniel, hounds,saluki, greyhounds.

Does your love this toy too? Please let us know and we will add them to the list.

Please let us know


Dog World loved these toys soo much you can see them in November 2010 Dog World Magazine pg 27!


In a matter of seconds,
Dogs will love to chase these unusual dynamic toys.

New Surprise gift for you (only available here!)

Looking for a Simple creative and interactive dog game that provides the attention your dog craves?

Then You'll Love This!

Get this ultimate playful Boredom buster puzzle game report and keep your dogs mind young and active for FREE!

This unique game is played with the musical dog balls which is included free with your order of the 3 musical dog ball toys.

Have fun Watching the dancing of lights and listen as these outrageous balls spurt out teasing funny sounds.


How it works.

It's simple. Throw these balls and watch these dynamic toys in action.

Take these amazing toys to the park, play a game of fetch, be the center of attention to your dog at a dog party, or dog meet up group. You can even train your dog with these zany toys.

Don't let daylight predict when you can have fun.
These energetic toys allow you to play at any time
in the day or at night.

Make a great Bark Mitzvah gift, Birthday gift or just because I want to see You happy gift.

Surprisingly, You won't find these toys anywhere else.

90 Full Days- Money-Back Guarantee

"If you and your dog doesn't think it's the absolute joyful, animated and captivating toy both of you ever seen, email us and we'll pay Federal express to pick it up for a product refund!"

Order now and receive 3 dynamic balls for only 23.99 Shipping $5.99.
(Limit of 2 ball orders per customer) US Customers
Call 561-588-0005 0r click buy it now button below.


Toys light up and play funny sounds.

THE First Dynamic Ball for dogs!

You Call 561-588-0005 and
Ask for a 3 Dynamic dog toys
that plays funny sound or click buy it now below.

Get 3 balls for $23.99 + FREE Playful Game Report
Shipping $5.99
(Limit of 2 ball orders per customer)

(Upon a shipping rate increase the prices listed may be adjusted to reflect the increase.

Ball circumference is about 6 3/4 inch

Charm your dog with explosions of lights and funny sounds. Exclusively available at Sheraton Luxuries

Sound and lights turn off automatically

See What A Customer Discovered:

Cindy noticed a special feature about these toys.

"Seriously.....I was astonished when I finally found a toy My dog, Eli gets so fired up over and craves to capture these funny toys. I love the cleverly designed holes that help my dog effortlessly grab these balls. These toys have left me and Eli smiling, I am so grateful I snagged these toys. Thank you!"-Cindy TENNESSEE

Thank you for sharing this with us Cindy!"

Worldwide Shipping

International $49
(New Max Limit of 5 orders per customer)

(Upon a shipping rate increase the prices listed may be adjusted to reflect the increase.)

Please contact us for best shipping rates

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