• NEW!! Hot Funny Plush Dog Toys Ball with Led Light and Funny Sounds USA

    plush emoji balls no stuffing toys
  • funny giggle dog ball toys
  • funny giggle dog ball toys
  • plush emoji balls no stuffing toys

Please note: toys are not for aggressive chewers

Unique Plush Emoji Lights-UP, Plays Funny Sounds Dog Toys.
Faces Vary

$13.99 + $4.99 Shipping.

Emoji Ball

*(Please note: Limited amount is available

90 Full Days- Money-Back Guarantee "If you and your dog doesn't think it's the absolute joyful,
animated and captivating toy both of you ever seen, email us and we'll refund your money!"

I handmade these Pet toys for my dog Charlie. He loved them so much,I decided to share the fun with your dogs

  • Easy to spot -Cheerfully Bright Colorful toy- Lights up and make sounds.

  • Balls are easy to grasp

  • Hassle Free-Sound and lights turn off automatically, so you won't have to search and hunt for these balls
    just to turn them off.

  • Easy to clean-Scroll down to see Easy Cleaning instructions

  • Make your toy new again.You can make your toy new again by replacing the toy with new sounds.
    Velcro is added so you can add your favorite squeakers or funny sounds when needed and is washable.
    (please remove the sound toy in the center before you wash.)

  • No cheap substitutes-100% high quality embroidery

  • Made with super soft fleece

Free replacement squeaky toy included.(You get 2 squeaky sounds or 1 giggle and 1 squeaky sound)

plush emoji balls no stuffing toys
Emoji face vary. Only available at Sheraton Luxuries.

Cleaning instructions-
1st take the sound toy out of the emoji ball. Place
in washing machine by itself or with other fleece fabrics
and set it on gentle cycle cold water. If you place in dryer
set in on Low heat delicate cycle or you can air dry.

This mixed package will be available for limited time.

If you like me to contact you when the other exciting new toy
become available please click here to send me a email.
Thank you.

100% gaurantee or your money back.(shipping not included)
No restocking fees!

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