Look! No Warm Icky Hands. Pamper yourself with this little charmer.

"Never again will I carry a warm stinky dog poop bag in my hands.
Let Someone Else Hold Your Dog's Stinky Bags For You Too"

EZ charming Stinky bag holder-
Double EZ Charming holder Make it easier to hold empty bag on one clip and hold used bag on the other clip

  Just Clip and Go

  • Get 2 FREE Best Quality poop bags
  • Free your hands-The easiest and prettiest way to hold your dog bag while your on a walk.
  • Strong clips-Can clip on flat leather or fabric leashes. Also can attach to anything that you can buckle strap on.
  • No struggling-Lightweight, easy and fast -just clip and go
  • Many uses- can be used to hold ID, hold keys, and more

No Risk to you-
Charmig Helper and buckles are 100% Gaurantee that You'll be happy with this cute solution or your money back.
(shipping not included.)

How This helper got created

I decided to make these EZ little helper because I got soo tired of holding an uncomfortable smelly bags around when taking
my dogs on long walks. I have 6 dogs that I walk everyday, so testing them was no problem. I went through so many designs until
one day I finally got the design that can handle one: strong pushy Akita, 2 fully energize salukis, one strong headed chihuahua,
and 2 running yorkies. Now I am finally happy with the results.

Single or double EZ Charming Helper with unique crystals

One thing I should mention to you :
Since these little helpers are so convenient, You may once in a while forget you have a poop bag
hanging from your leash. Only until you put the leash away. Yes, it happened to me twice:) .

(Charming helper hang-crafted to work) Here what I did:

I added a few unique features that I believe will make things easier.

See how it works:

Single or double EZ Charming Helper with Directions:

1.)Clips anywhere on your leash(loop makes it easy to open)
(Just push loop up.Don't push down on the loop design. It may bend).

2) Close The clip by pushing down on the top smooth flat metal surface
of the clip.(see image above)

3.)Notice the first clip can hold empty poop bags for you.

4.)When your dog finishing his business, tie the bag
in a knot and use the second clip to hold the poop bag.

Do You Have A Retractable Leash? Do You Have A Stroller
Or Do You Want To Buckle On Something Else?

Then look at this..

EZ Charming Helpers are removable and can attach to the strap
with the buckle so you connect it to anything that has a handle.

Single and double EZ Charming Helpers can also hold a couple empty poop bags so you can easily grab them when you need them. You can also use the strap to hang on a stroller, buckle on the retractable leashes handle or slide your wrist through the strap to hold bags.You can used them to hold ID, keys, and more

Give this very helpful helper a try. If you're not happy with EZ little helper just send it back and I will refund your money.
In Day or night, as long as their light, sparkling crystals will Catches the light with your every movement.

(New Double crystal helpers)
Now available in Single or double clips(Clips loop is solder with Non-toxic lead-Free solder)

Each piece is handmade in the USA, hand solder, machine sewn and hand selected with the best Swarovski crystal and unique crystals available.

Each EZ charming helper comes with a Free poop bags.Each piece is handmade design, colors and crystal shapes varies.(limited amount available)
At Last! Free up your hands from Ick Plus get 2 best poop bags included with any Charming Ez Bag holder.
Single EZ Charming Helper $25.99
Double EZ Charming Helpers $35.99

Machine sewn Handy Strap and buckle [add $9.99]

Pick Your EZ Helper

100% gaurantee or your money back.No restocking fees!

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