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3 Balls Lights-UP, Makes Funny Sounds,Goofy Giggles,Squeaks,and Bounces

1st ball Lights-Up, Plays Funny Sounds,2nd Lights-Up,Giggles and 3rd Balls Lights-Up and Squeaks!

Ultimate Joy Pack-

All 3 Crazy Balls Together Lights-UP, Plays Funny Sounds, Squeaks, Goofy Giggles and bounces in its own goofy direction.Colors Vary

$26 plus Free Shipping.

*(Please note: This set and price is available
only while supplies last.)

90 Full Days- Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the toys you can simply return the product for a product refund.

Since So Many of You Told Me How Much Joy You Have Seen in Your Dogs As They Played With The Popular Light-Up Ball with Funny Sounds, I Have Some more Good News For You.

First I like to thank you for all your emails.

Please remember these toys are not for aggressive chewers.

After years of searching, I never gave up on finding another exciting toy for your dogs and mine.

Through the crowds, the heat, the cold rooms and so many years of searching for another crazy dog toy,I was thrilled when I finally found 2 new dog toys that show promise.

I am ready to present my first finding to you, but first it had to pass my dogs review. Before I showed my dogs the new toys, I got a chance to test these toys for myself.

When I eagerly opened the Newly Discovered Package...
I started to throw these new weird balls, I quickly noticed they didn't bounce like a normal ball. Every second the ball touches the floor the toy sneak out a teasing squeak, lights-up, and bounce off in its own jagged direction.

Notice the little soft cone shape surrounds the ball, this must give the ball its goofy bounce. If you squeeze the ball it blurts out a sharp squeak.

I Wish You Could See What Happened When I Showed These Toys To My Dogs.
A loud squeak broke the silence in the room. My dogs' Michael and Charlie were startled as they look to the right, then turned their heads again. I did it again, and I threw the ball outside. This time all of my dogs disappeared from the room.

I peered outdoors and noticed my one red saluki's Robinson. His rear end was high up the air, his tail wagging and teasing the other dogs because he captured the toy first. You know, he reminded me of the Disney character Pluto, the cartoon dog.

Ok back to the story. They all barked at him and tried to steal the toy. As I was watching how much fun my dogs were having, I realized at that moment this toy had promise for other dogs to enjoy.

So What Does The Second Toy Do? I was so excited that I found the first toy I almost forgot about the second toy.The second toy is really goofy toy. It has the same soft cones that surround the ball, it also lights-up but this toy is different by the way it blow out in giggling laughter. My dogs love to chase these toys when they started to giggle.

Ultimate Fun Pack of 3 Crazy Dog Ball Toys.

I am going to mix the newly discovered balls with the original popular light-up ball with funny sound in one package.All balls bounce.

Package includes:
1 Original Light-Up Funny Sound Dog Ball Toy
1 Light-Up Squeak Dog Ball Toy
1 Light-Up Giggle Ball.

This mixed package will be available for limited time. Please order for your chance to get your set.

If you like me to contact you when the other exciting new toy become available and get exclusive coupons please click here to send me a email.
Thank you.