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Flushable soft litterBest litternew litter

"100% Natural lighter litter that captures odor in less then
2 seconds by absorbing odor in a new way.."

You know how litter can smell up a room fast. This litter take care of that problem by containing Green Tea Leaves plus wood powder to help absorb moisture and odor out of the air like a sponge. The way the litter can achieve this is by pulling odor and moisture out of the air which will bring it -below the surface of the litter in seconds. (this process helps to keep the air smelling fresh and clean. Which means, no fragrances are added to mask odor.)

Clumps on contact with urine- makes the litterbox easier to clean.
clumping Natural litter

Then it dries fast to form a small clump that won't break apart, making it
easier to scoop. I know this save me a lot of time when I scoop the litter.

light litter

Does this litter really works extremely hard to keep your cat safe and healthy ?

MORE THEN A LITTER- includes 2,000 structures to kill off bacteria and viral infections to keep your cat litter box safe. Thanks to a natural chemical compound called catechin, which contains 2,000 polyphenols to help fight bacteria AND VIRAL INFECTIONS.

Compared to other litters this litter last longer in test studies. "Multiplies itself in absorbing 383 more clumps and weighs 1/3 less then regular litters." Give the well known litters a try too and see the differences for yourself.

Litter is flushable, safe and friendly to the environment. It so extremely
friendly to the environment you can actually use the litter as garden mulch.

"How long does this litter last ?"

Use less litter, change less often!
1 litter bag will last 1 cat up to 6 weeks with daily maintenance.

Save Money -
Research has concluded that 1 bag of Green Tea Leaves is equal to
2 to 4 bags of other litters. How is this possible ?

The secret is that this litter forms small clumps which means you
dispose less litter per clump making it last longer and more economical.

Since this is made with green tea leaves it adds a wonderful natural scent to the
litter box and is a Extremely low dust litter(plus less tracking) that makes it
safe for pet with allergies too.

100 % No risk to you:

Give this litter a try and if your not happy with this litter will refund your money for the litter. It's that simple. I offer this to you because I stand behind my product and I believe once you try it out you will experience how great this litter is too.

Call:1-561-588-00005 or click buy today to see the difference.-->

Your cat will thank you.

Green Tea Leaves Litter

Shipping is $13.50 for each
additional item shipping is $3.54)

For Florida location only

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Discover this new kind of cat litter

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or call:1-561-588-0005

Green Tea Leaves Litter 5 litter bags by the box Special

Shipping is $25

For Florida location only
Discover this new kind of cat litter

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or call:1-561-588-0005

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