Matching Swarovski Diamond Style Necklace and Bracelet!

Double Rows Of Big Swarovski Diamond Crystals Necklace

Bracelet and necklace is sold separately.

Distinctive Elegance. One of a kind.

Be the first to own these two unique pieces and show off how much you care for your pet. Bracelet Comes With An Easy Magnetic Clasp and necklace Swarovski crystal push in button. Exclusively at Sheraton Luxuries

Pet jewelry is for decorative purposes only.
Please view the Necklace sizing chart here and
Bracelet sizing chart is available here.

Double rows of big Swarovski Diamond Crystal Necklace

Sold out

Breathtaking Brilliant Diamond Swarovski
Rhinestone Pet Bracelets for Dogs.

This daring, original, glamorous pet bracelet is the one and only
first bracelet for pets. Be the first to show off this shimmering
exclusive jewelry only available at Sheraton Luxuries.

This rhinestone bracelet comes with a magnetic clasp to keep
your pet safe. Size are Small, Medium and Large.Custom sizing is


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