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Sheraton Luxuries
608 Lucerne Ave Lake Worth, FL33460

Sheraton Luxuries-
"Beyond Distinctive Pet Products -

A unique luxury boutique that centers around getting hard to find products that function properly.

We strive to make our customers life easier and your pets happier."

Cat & Dog Supplies:

Cat & dog fashion:
Disney pet clothing

Famous Designer Clothing

Catnip Balls
with no mess

A Different kind of Dog ball toy-Lights up & makes funny sounds see them here

Chicken Treats for cats & dogs

Pet Accessories:
Pet Carriers-Modern & Different

Pet Litter -Super Simple To

Dog Food made with real chicken no mystery meats -coming soon

Delicious Cat food for fish lover.
Why keep
cleaning up un-digested food from poor quality cat food.

Pet Jewelry
That Looks Like They Been Designed For Celebrities.

Pet Videos:

Cats- Having A Very Good Time

Greyhound- Fashion Show

More Dog & cat supplies
Disney Pet Clothing with Swarovski Crystals-Limited Available

"Do you remember the cute fairy with an attitude in
Disney Peter Pan movie that you loved as a child?

Now you can share the magic and fun with your pet
by wearing everybody's favorite fairy.. Tinkerbell."

Disney Tinker Pups and Kitties

Shipping included. Click below to see more sizes
Color and size:

View more one of a kind pet clothes here

You'll may smile when people notice how much you must love your pet
with this rare little dress, and your pet will feel special too with all the
attention he/she receive.

When you see and feel this cute little dress you will be pleasantly surprise
how light weight, soft, comfortable and how well made this cotton dress
has been designed. Your pet may not even notice they are wearing this
Dress shirt. Dress is intentionally made to be soft and lightweight so it's
easier for your pet to move around.

This will be a joy to see them wear ,and you will own this one of a kind
handmade original Tinker bell dress that is limited to the very few lucky
people. Best of all, you will get a chance to cherish and share the fun of
Tinkerbell with your pet.

This beautiful dress brings out the twinkling magic with the finest
Swarovski crystals.

How is this dress designed smarter?

This Adorable dresses is specially designed with wide opening for the legs and the head so it's easy and fast to slip on your pet. A true outfit different then the rest and Only available at Sheraton Luxuries

I know I will be keeping one for my yorkie, and my yorkie is a boy. This will be a perfect picture for some cute fun memories. Sorry, I couldn't pass it up I hope their still more available for you. Order now for your own cute and fun memorable moments.

Isn't Time you have fun expressing how you really care for your pet?

We will not be making any more so when they are gone they are gone for good. Don't miss out Call: 1-561-588-0005 to order now or click "buy it now" to get yours today. Only available for limited time be sure to get your rare Tinkerbell dress now!

View more limited pet clothing here


1.)Measure you pet's neck in inches
2.) Measure around the chest at is widest point (back of the front legs)

SIZE measurements(inches) Standard dog breed and weight
(Please use only as guide)Highly recommend you go by the neck and chest measurement in the chart.
Neck Chest/Girth


5 7/8"- 6 3/4"

9 7/8" - 11"

Teacup Chihuahua (~3.31 lb)


6 3/4" -
7 7/8"

10 5/8" -
12 5/8"

Chihuahua, Yorki (~6.61 lb)


7 7/8" - 9 7/8"

13 3/8" -
15 3/4"

Toy poodle, papillon (~11.02 lb)


10 1/4" -
11 3/4"

16 1/2" -
18 7/8"

Shih Tzu, MINI Schnauzer(~17.64 lb)


12 1/4" -
13 3/4"

19 1/4" -
21 5/8"

Beagle(~28.66 lb)


13 3/4" -
15 3/4"

21 5/8" -
24 3/8"

Border collie, dalmation (~39.68 lb)


16 1/2" -
18 7/8"

27 1/2 - 30 3/4"

Salukis, Greyhounds, Labrador(~83.78 lb)


7 1/8" - 8 5/8"

11 3/4" -
13 3/4"

????(~7.72 lb)


8 5/8" -
10 1/4"

13 3/4" -
16 1/8"

????(~ 11.02 lb)


10 1/4" -
11 3/4"

161/8" -
18 1/2"

????(~ 15.43 lb)


14 1/8" -
15 3/4"

20 1/8 -
22 1/16"

????(~ 26.46 lb)

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