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LAKE WORTH, FL --- From Melbourne to Miami, stylish carriers lovingly
designed by Sheraton Luxuries have helped to rescue lost and injured pets
from hurricanes like Wilma and Katrina and are still being used to move pets
out of disaster areas.

Pamela Smith of Fairy Tails Inc. in Miami says the organization puts the
eco-friendly carriers to good use.

“Being a cat rescue, we rely on cat carriers to move our kitties
comfortably and safely on a daily basis, whether it be trips to the vet or
to adoption events to find their forever homes,” Smith says. “In disasters,
such as Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma, the carriers were invaluable for
transporting pets out of harm’s way.”

“The carriers work well for both infant mammals and small birds, says
Sue Small, director of the Florida Wildlife Hospital & Sanctuary in
Melbourne. “In addition to being a good size and lightweight, one of the
best features is that the handles are attached to the bottom of the basket
and not the top. This means that there is no chance of having the bottom of
the basket fall when you are carrying patients.”

Sheraton Luxuries, a luxury boutique specializing in hard-to-find and
well-functioning pet products, raised thousands of dollars for pet charities
including Greyhound of America, Fairy Tail Rescue, Mayor's Alliance for
NYC's Animals, Folke Peterson Wildlife, Florida Wildlife Hospital and
numerous cat charities.

“Carriers have been the best kept secret for years and are now coming
known,” says company spokesperson Ron Glorsky. “What’s unique about these
luxury carriers is that they are cute, light weight, and easy to stow away.
Carriers are very convenient for saving small injured animals as well.”
“Many people keep one of our luxury carriers near at all times just in
case they must take their pet with them in an emergency,” says Sharon
Sheraton, creative designer for the company. Sheraton has published several
articles online and had the famous angel harness published in Dogs Canada
magazine. “The cages are also safe for the environment because they are made
of 100 percent recyclable plastic. Many customers have told me how surprised
they were on how well their pets immediately adapt to these carriers. You
can see how these carriers work online.”

Carriers, which sell for $27.99, come in sky blue, lovely lavender,
spring green and bright orange.

Buy a carrier for your own pet and you’ll help lost and abandoned pets,
too, Sharon says, since a portion of the proceeds are give to animal rescue
groups. For every bright orange carrier purchased, 10 percent of the
proceeds will go to will go to Florida Wildlife Hospital. For every spring
green carrier purchased, 10 percent will go to Mayor's Alliance for NYC's

See a video at

Sheraton Luxuries
is a unique luxury boutique that
specializes in designing or discovering hard to find products that function
properly. Sheraton Luxuries is a division Of A&G Associates Tax Experts.
For more information, call Gary or Ron Glorsky at (561) 588-0005 or
email Sharon at


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