Are you a pet person?

Feather Collar

Nothing is more enjoyable or meaningful as dressing your pet up in the very best.
And that includes adorning your dog or cat in SPARKLING PET JEWELRY that could
just as easily be worn by any movie star attending a premiere!

Now your pet can look even cuter with:

* Glamorous Pet Jewelry
* Elegant Angel Harness with genuine Swarovski Crystals
* The First Healthy Rhinestone Bracelets for Dogs!

Get all this and more when you shop the wide and exquisite selection
at Sheraton Luxuries http://www.sheratonluxuries.com

Imagine your next shopping trip when people stop to take delight in
how your pet is dressed! Nothing is more fun, creates more exciting
conversation, or makes your pet feel as special.

In fact, making your pet feel loved is what we're all about. Now you
have new and expanded options for transforming your pet into a
luxury, up-scale lifestyle.

Be sure to check out our specially designed vacations for pets.
Learn about pet friendly hotels and how to get discounts when
renting cars or eating at fine restaurants. Others sell this
information, but http://www.sheratonluxuries.com GIVES it
to you absolutely FREE!

And be sure to take some time to inspect our fabulous new
Swarovski Angel Harness Collection. Many pet lovers think
this is the center piece of all we offer, and they may be right!

Surrounded by genuine Swarovski Crystals, the dazzling harness
features three dimensional angel wings. That's right, your pet
is all dressed up in fashionable angle wings that denote his or
her beloved angelic personality. You'll love it! Your pet will
love it! And so will your friends!

Treat yourself AND your pet NOW! Visit
http://www.sheratonluxuries.com for the very best in top-of-the-
line pet jewelry. Wide selection, very affordable, and always

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