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New Uses For Pet Carriers - The Simple holiday Gift That Keeps on Giving

Palm Beach FL (Oct 24, 2011)- With economic problems hitting consumers' wallets hard this holiday season, Alba Glorsky from Sheraton Luxuries has discovered new ways to save money by reusing a pet carrier.

"Millions of American families have a pet carrier they use once or only periodically. Here are many everyday tasks you can use your pet carrier for," Glorsky said.

* Remove the lid from a Sheraton Luxuries pet carrier or similar top load carriers and it becomes a handy laundry basket. Use the pet carrier to presort laundry making it easier and quicker to finish.

* Transform your pet carriers into coupon stations. Each week take coupons from your local newspaper and add them to your pet basket until you have time to clip them. Use ribbon to tie scissors to the carrier so you can find your scissors quickly when you need them.

* A mail basket- holds all of the new mail that hasn't been dealt with yet.

* A bathroom basket- a cute way to store toilet paper or guest towels.

Pet carriers can also be used as baskets to store knitting, gifts, or office supplies, as a waste basket, and storage for magazines or books.

Glorsky has seen pet carriers used to rescue wild life, store pet or kid toys, picnic baskets, and as a way to carry groceries.

"Surprise people on your list with the gift with so many practical uses. It's a painless way to save money," Glorsky said.

Alba Glorsky is founder of, online seller of luxury carriers, attractive harnesses, pet jewelry and more.

Transport your pet in Sheraton Luxuries' Pet Luxury Cab that comes in four different colors. Size:16"L x 11 5/8"W x 10.25"H

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