Happy Customers-Proud Mothers Showing Off Their Kids

Aren't They Cute!-Thank you to everyone who sent in the beautiful photos and comments.

Thank you Cindy & Eli for the cute photos and the wonderful feedback!

"Seriously.....I was astonished when I finally found a toy My dog, Eli gets so fired up over and craves to capture these funny toys. I love the cleverly designed holes that help my dog effortlessly grab these balls. These toys have left me and Eli smiling, I am so grateful I snagged these toys. Thank you!"-Cindy TENNESSEE

Gorgeous Rahja

swarovski sparlking jewelry for pets african serval

Royal Diamond Swarovski Necklace Review:

I bought this piece for my male african serval named Rahja and I can't
say enough about it.The necklace is very high quality and absolutely stunning
well worth the price. I've seen other multi row swarovski jeweled collars for less
cost but none of them can even come close in beauty and solid construction in
comparison to Sheraton's.

You are getting a great value when you look at all the workmenship that
is put into ones of these necklaces. I have another serval that is always
trying to steal Rahja's necklace. I plan to purchase another Royal
Diamond piece for her. -Kim

best designer dog harnbess with crystals dog angel diamond designer jewelry harness unique
I wanted to let you know that we all loved the
"Lady In Red" dress you made for Mame,
I meant to send a thank you a hundred times. -Toni
Thank you so much for the darling halter. Belle wears it often.
I will take more pics. Thanks again, Terri and Belle

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